The Cambridge dictionary defines sacrifice as, “the act of giving up something for something else considered more important.” I can unwittingly sacrifice my time, my money, and my attention to things that bring the Lord no real pleasure and give no eternal benefit to others.

There are times I have sacrificed things I needed in order to give my children things they wanted. Often, it would be the one thing I felt certain would bring them joy and fulfill their uttermost longing. Sometimes after a brief period of time, new longings replaced the old and discontentment replaced their joy. Then I would repeat the practice, thinking I had missed their true desires, but inevitably, I would arrive at the same end.

In reality, I gave them an over exaggerated sense of self-importance and caused them to devalue me as a person. Eventually, God used the truth of Proverbs 27:20 to correct my faulty premise: “Just as Death and Destruction are never satisfied, so human desire is never satisfied.”

I needed the Spirit to provide me wisdom and understanding to know when and what to sacrifice so that I would truly honor God and bless my children. I prayed today’s scripture. I also recited Proverbs 27:20 to my children, as well as to myself, when I discerned the temptation to unwisely revert to unprofitable practices.

Over the years, they’ve learned to use these verses to monitor their own desires and value the sacrifices of others, especially those of Christ on their behalf.

Father, I thank you for the wisdom revealed to us in your word and the ultimate sacrifice you gave us in your Son. Amen.

Go deeper — seek for and expect God to provide you wisdom when determining which sacrifices will best honor him and bless others.

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Photo Credit: Elaine Casap