I am not old and wise —yet. I do have some advice I have experimented with over years and years of trial and error. Here it is: Closing your eyes after turning off your alarm in the morning is a very dangerous game. For a while I still managed to have the blind faith I could do this and not fall asleep again. But eventually I learned. I don’t turn it off anymore because I am not disciplined enough to not go back to sleep. I’d skip my morning prayers if I did. Maybe wisdom is kicking in after all.

In the story recorded in Mark 10:46-52, Bartimaeus could not see but somehow felt Jesus could heal him. He literally had blind faith. He could have stayed in his corner and had a pity party. He could have relied on others to help him for the rest of his life. He chose a different route. He called out to Jesus and Jesus heard him. He activated his faith, and Jesus rewarded him with healing.

Sometime in life you will come to a place where you don’t know what else to do. All you know is that you want Jesus involved somehow. To get Jesus involved, you need active faith. The faith that heals and restores. And like Bartimaeus, you’ll need to seek Jesus and call out to Him, and then do what He says when He responds. You won’t know what’s about to happen, but you can be sure Jesus will answer your prayer.

Then your faith will be activated.

Heavenly Father thank you for meeting me where I am. Thank you for taking my blind faith and turning it into active faith. You are all I need. In Jesus name, amen.

Go Deeper — What reason do you need to call out to Jesus? What have you been trying to handle yourself when you may only need a little more faith in His ability to help you out? Pray about it and be prepared to act on the answer you get from the Lord.

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Photo Credit: Ben White