Have you ever been a member of a sports team? If you have, then you realize the importance of teamwork. My favorite team sport is soccer. As a Scot, I call it football.

Through experience, I realized that to succeed on the field and win the game, my teammates must show up and fulfill their roles. If our team becomes shorthanded, the competing team exploits our remaining players who are bearing the burden of winning the game. If this regrettable trend continues, the resolve of engaging teammates’ wearies, evolving into apathy and eventually and regrettably, complete disengagement.

Complete engagement or being “all in” is vital to winning the game. Being “all in” is even more important for team synergy, especially when we consider volunteer outreach ministry teams. Again, through experience serving on a team, I realized that to achieve our collective goal, we need all our ministry volunteer teammates showing up and fulfilling their respective roles.

In Jesus’ ministry field, like the sports field, being “all in” is non-negotiable and necessary to experience ministry success. If any ministry team becomes consistently shorthanded, the enemy exploits the engaging teammates who bear the burden of successfully achieving the team’s goal. The resolve of engaging teammates’ wearies, evolves into apathy and, ultimately, complete disengagement, effectively compromising the team’s synergy and success.

Scripture emphasizes that we are all God’s team of laborers, so let’s pray for one another, encourage one another, and be accountable to one another. Let’s get in the game by obediently embracing his call, faithfully co-laboring together, and inevitably, if we persevere, celebrating his abundant harvest together. Are you all in?

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the privilege and honor of serving in your ministry field. Empower me for influence as I strive to reflect you within my sphere of influence, my co-laborers in Jesus, and especially to those in my community that you long to reach. Amen.

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Tags: Daily Devotional Galatians 6
Photo Credit: Scott Webb