How do you deal with the awful and unsettled sense of guilt? Have you ever felt bad about an unpleasant thought, something you did wrong or said wrong? If yes, please put your hand up. Raise it high. Wave it with me.

Did you wave your hand? We all can. Because we’ve all missed the mark at times, right?

Isaiah felt the same way. When God approached Isaiah, this prophet became aware of his uncleanness. His own conscience convicted him in the presence of God. He felt unworthy to serve God.

Isaiah felt the uncleanness of his own sins. He must have wondered what he was doing in the presence of a God who is perfect. God never intended to make Isaiah feel little. He was just being Himself — the perfect God.

“Woe to me! I am ruined…” Isaiah said in verse 5, because of his sadness and distress concerning his filthy lips. He recognized his wrongdoing. He felt he deserved punishment before the throne of God. Did he? Yes, he did.

Yet, God, the awesome God of heaven and earth, our Creator, has provided a way out of judgment for Isaiah. His angel washed Isaiah’s lips with hot coal. God cleansed his conscience of his wrong behavior. Later, Isaiah served God freely and peacefully.

So can we. Jesus died on the cross. God raised him from death. He is alive so you and I can receive forgiveness for our sins and live free from guilt. Fall before His throne and receive His mercy!

Dear God, forgive my sins. Cleanse me and my conscience. Thank you for making me as white as snow as if I’ve never done anything wrong, in the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

Go Deeper — Read Hebrews 9:14. Reflect on what Jesus did to provide forgiveness and elimination of guilt so you can approach Almighty God with confidence.

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Photo Credit: Dan Grinwis