The miracle of the feeding of the 5000 is recorded in all four Gospels. It is in the Gospel of John that we discover the account of the boy offering his basket of five loaves and two fish.

Sometimes when I participate in a worship service, I raise my hands, as uncomfortable as it may be, or I may do it as a heart gesture. I may not have much, but it is an act of complete surrender to my Lord and Saviour.

But worship can and should often occur outside of the church walls. It is in seasons of life when I have had very little and needed to trust in God's provision that I have been pushed towards acts of worship that require generosity. Sometimes, it has been in physically giving to a need that needed to be met. Often times, it has been in the giving of my time. In any case, it required sacrifice.

In the Gospels we are told that the crowds grew tired and hungry and they needed nourishment for their bodies. The boy offered all he had: five loaves of bread and two fish. Something must have urged this boy to sense that something bigger was going on here. His sacrifice of personal nourishment allowed him to witness a miracle that no doubt changed his life forever.

Another example of a generous offering is told in the Gospel of Mark. The offering that most pleased Jesus was given by a widow who had nothing but two copper coins. Her act of worship was far greater than any other offerings because she offered all that was in her possession.

Although it can be difficult, it requires a substantial amount of faith to worship God with our giving. Some of us have very little and it is easy to worry about how we will get by rather than fully trust in our Creator and Provider. Trusting God is always worth it.

Dear Lord, please help me trust in you and believe that you have called us to a life of constant worship. Although I may have very little, I will remain faithful in the giving of my time, talents, and money in support of your Kingdom. Amen.

Go deeper — ask the Lord to show you who in your surroundings would benefit from your generosity.

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