When you take a seat at church, do you ever think about how that seat is made available to you? When you walk into a restroom and the place is well-kept, do you ever wonder how this happens? How grateful are you for the service of others?

You may never ever see the people who contribute to the success of an organization or the maintenance of a beautiful place. However, there are always contributors behind the scenes – people who get up early, stay up late, put in extra effort to volunteer their service or share resources in other ways.

It was the same for Jesus. During his time on earth, he performed miracles, feeding others miraculously and healing people. He served others, never seeking attention for himself but pointing people to give thanks to his Father. And we can do the same (Matthew 5:16).

Everything was about generosity in his ministry. He loved people and was generous. And God did not forget his effort and the love for others. No matter where we are placed, God sees when we serve others out of love for him.

PRAYER Dear God, help me to be a good steward of my time and other resources so I can give where necessary with a cheerful heart for your glory. May your Spirit make me humble enough to be able to receive from others.

THROUGHOUT THE DAY: Who can I help for a good cause? How can I help them?

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Photo Credit: Raelle Gann Owens on Unsplash