After a recent trip my wife told me that she worried more when I was away because when I'm home she knows I do all the worrying for both of us.

I'm the king of worry. Over the years I’ve learned that worry is an indicator of how I’m responding to my circumstances and my desire for some level of control.

Now when I begin to worry, I see it as a call to go to God. First, I confess my self-reliance. Slowly, I turn my focus from the circumstance to God. With effort I release my grip on the circumstances and express my concerns, fears or feelings of helplessness to God. As I begin to thank Him for His presence, His love and His plan in the mist of my anxiety something changes. It’s like stepping out of a stuffy room into fresh air.

My worry is replaced by a new sense of assurance. I start to look with anticipation for what God will do. It is as if I come with an armload of worry, and through prayer, exchange it for confidence in God’s love, wisdom and power to handle every circumstance. Then I begin to anticipate how God’s hand will be at work in the situation.

When we exchange worry for faith, this transaction is an act of worship. We choose to submit to God’s rule and reign in the circumstance. We honor His role in our life and express faith through thankfulness. This act of worship will move you from worry to anticipation!

God use my moments of worry to remind me of my need for you. Compel me to move quickly to you in confession and worship. Amen.

Go deeper — the next time you feel yourself worrying, take it as a call to prayer.

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