The two men on their way to Emmaus were consumed with what had just happened and were discussing so intently as they walked along. They focused on sadness and forgot what the Scriptures said, yet they knew so much about Jesus. When Jesus joined them, he asked them “what are you discussing?” They walked and narrated what the Scriptures said about him, how they were feeling hopeless and missed to recognize him because they were overwhelmed with sadness.

I am reminded of times when things are going well but suddenly shift and don’t go the way I was expecting anymore. I begin losing hope instead of trusting the Lord and his Word for guidance! Sometimes I talk to others. Do the things we discuss with others during such times lead us toward Jesus?

Evidently, that same morning these two men had heard the “amazing report” of Jesus having risen. But, still their minds were filled with unbelief, so they were lamenting instead of celebrating. They knew what the Bible said but did not apply it to what had just happened until Jesus began explaining to them the very same Scriptures. They only recognized Jesus when he broke the bread and gave it to them. To recognize Jesus, we need to listen, walk and talk with him daily.

Perhaps the journey to Emmaus would have been shorter had they recognized Jesus earlier! When their eyes were opened they saw clearly! That’s when they were overcome with joy and wonder! I am reminded of the children of Israel from Egypt going to the promised land, who spent 40 years walking in the wilderness instead of 11 days because of their attitude and unbelief. We can go forth in confidence, live in victory, and move from hopelessness to celebration when our focus is on Jesus.

Father, open the eyes of my heart and help me to recognize you in all places I walk to experience your presence. You are my hope, my joy and my great reward.

Throughout the Day: Stay close to Jesus continually, seek the Holy Spirit to enable you to recognize him, believe and live a victorious life as you journey along with God.

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Photo Credit: Michael Shaffler on Unsplash