I’m a news junkie. Every day I scan the web, read, and listen to the news. I’m eager to know what’s happened. I try to sense what will happen next.

Internationally, we have rogue nations with nuclear weapons. Terrorists plan attacks. Active shooters invade schools. Superbugs endanger hospitals. Global warming threatens everyone. And then there is the political news.

Yikes! The truth is, no one knows what will happen next.

I find that following the day’s news and events can sometimes have a bad effect on me. I could experience worry, discouragement, even fear. To be honest, I sometimes wonder why I do it.

In Isaiah’s day, the Assyrian empire was the big international news, and it was scary! At home, there was political instability. Leaders seemed unable to deal effectively with either. I get it. I often feel the same way.

It’s good to hope for peace and better times today. We should pray for that, but we should also think ahead to something greater. One is coming, Isaiah tells us, who will be the gift of God “to us.” His counsel will be wonderfully sure; His power without limit. The government — yes, rule over the entire world — will be “upon his shoulders.”

As Christmas approaches, remind yourself that the ultimate hope for the world is Jesus. He is the Christ, the one God sent first to redeem us, and who will come again as King to bring fullness of inner joy and endless external peace. He is our now and forever hope.

Jesus, you are my life and my hope. The world is in your hands, and I rest myself in your care. Amen.

Go Deeper — Reflect on how having your hope in Jesus should change the way you think and feel today. Does it really matter in your life?

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Photo Credit: Karolina Grabowska