Would you consider yourself an athlete? In my younger years, I played recreational soccer. To sustain a competitive edge, I learned to prioritize fitness. Speed became my greatest asset. I also analysed soccer’s greatest players, and emulated their every move to improve my skills. As I tried to imitate the professionals’ skills, successes came...slowly. Perseverance motivated me to run faster and reproduce the expertise of soccer’s greatest.

In Hebrew 12:1-2, Paul reminds us that, as spiritual athletes, we must run with relentless perseverance because God has already marked out the race for us. God knows our life’s trajectory, but successfully completing the race requires stamina and emulation.

As we run our race, we must fix our eyes on Jesus because He is our faith model — our compass for authentic faith. As we scrutinize Jesus in order to emulate Him, we learn to endure in our faith walk. As we learn to emulate Jesus through endurance, He perfects our faith.

Faith is never a stagnant virtue. Faith is spiritual optimism that increases or decreases depending on our spiritual reference point. Throughout the gospels, Jesus personifies faith in action. Robed in fragile humanity, He never wavers. Amidst life’s unimaginable tests and trials, from Gethsemane to Golgotha, Jesus exemplifies flawless faith in His Father’s Word and directive. As His followers, we should strive to do likewise.

Life is an enduring race with many unexpected and unwelcome circumstances. To limit our staggers and stumbles, we must unwaveringly fix our eyes on Jesus.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you that you are my sovereign spiritual compass. In times of testing and trials, protect my heart and mind from my own fear and understanding. Remind me to keep my eyes upon Jesus as I strive to run the race you have marked out for me. In the kiln of life’s refining fire, empower me to persevere with faith’s perspective by keeping my eyes solely on Jesus. Amen.

Go Deeper— Ask yourself if Jesus is your faith compass when you encounter life’s tests and trials? Take time today to contemplate this question. Journal your insights and the Lord’s counsel as you strive to limit your stumbles and unwaveringly fix your eyes on Jesus.

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Photo Credit: Patrick Fore