I looked at the images and realized I felt drawn in a direction that was not good!

Fortunately, I paused and asked myself a question, “If I take this next step where will it lead? If I then take another step beyond, where will that lead?” By the time I asked the “then what” question a few more times, I realized I did not want to take the first step! I did not like the destination this path would certainly take me to.

In the parable of the prodigal son, the son followed his desires and headed in a direction that provided pleasure for a short season. He then had a moment “When he came to his senses”. In that moment, he saw his situation clearly and realized the path he had taken had led him to an undesirable destination. He was a slave feeding pigs and desiring their food! He understood that the father he had dishonored was his only real hope. He took the first step to return to his father. To make this step toward his father, his only hope was in his father’s character. He was met with overwhelming grace and love!

The son’s hope was not just realized but exceeded! His willingness to humble himself and acknowledge his sin led him to take the step to a place of restoration. He truly had a good, good father!

First steps are so significant and many times so very memorable! Two very different first steps led this young man to very different destinations.

Prayer: Father, thank you for being good, gracious and loving! I come to you today to experience your embrace, acceptance and kindness. I know this is not based on my performance but your goodness. Guide my steps; may they lead to your embrace. Thank you, my good, good Father.

For Today: Where are you on the journey? Are you being pulled toward the first step down a path by your desires? Is it time for a pause to consider where this will take you? Have you taken a path that has led to an undesirable place? Is it time to take a step toward your good, good Father?

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