I pulled the ring out of my pocket. It was for the love of my life; my first love. She was beautiful. We were in school together and were going to be married. The ring was the token of my love.

How romantic! Well… I was five years old. The ring was made of wood and was way too big. We hid it at the school and would go look at it during recess. ** You never forget your first love. **

I have a thought for you to consider. We all have two first loves. One might be similar to mine. The other is a first love with an incredible power to transform. God, the eternal Creator is our first love. His token of love was not an ill-fitting wooden ring. The unmistakable symbol of his love is a wooden cross. God’s strategy was to communicate his love in a way that cannot be denied. He offered his Son to take the penalty for our misdeeds. Jesus’ death on a cross is like a huge sign post in time that declares God’s love.

The apostle John points to the ability to love and forgive others as the evidence of a person who has truly experienced God’s love and forgiveness. I understood this love when I opened my life to God. I accepted Jesus’ payment for my sins and invited God to guide and direct my life. Understanding God’s love and forgiveness has impacted every relationship I have. You see, if God loves and forgives me how can I not do the same to the people around me? He gives me the power to love! I love because he first loved me.

Eternal Creator God, thank you for the clear declaration of your love. I confess that I can look at the circumstances around me and doubt your love. Thank you that the proof of your love is the sacrifice of your Son, Jesus, for me. Thank you that your love has changed my life and impacts all my relationships. Your love and forgiveness change how I see myself and everyone around me. Thank you. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Take time to reflect on these questions: What gives you confidence of God’s love? If the circumstances around you are disappointing, do you doubt God’s love? Are you extending the type of love and forgiveness you have received from God to people in your life?

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Photo Credit: Anastasiia Krutota on Unsplash