It feels contradictory, doesn’t it? God appeared to Gideon when he was threshing wheat. He gave Gideon a compliment and a commission when he described him as a mighty warrior. Gideon’s new title came with a scary job, however. He was to deliver Israel from mighty Midian.

Perhaps Gideon felt free to scoff because at first he didn’t realize he was talking with God. He recognized his mistake when his guest set his offering afire. What had he done? When the God he thought didn’t care showed up, he was afraid for his life.

God said, “Peace! You’re not going to die.”

For you see, for all the talk of war and battle and Gideon’s fear of death, God had one ultimate goal — peace. Gideon saw it right away — Jehovah-Shalom, which means God is our peace. In that instant, he became Israel’s mighty warrior.

How many times are we in the midst of a spiritual battle and fear for our way of life? God comes to us and tells us to rest in his peace. We may be warriors, but we won’t die. God is our peace.

Can you imagine an army calling their commander-in-chief “Peace-maker”? But that’s who God is. He made peace with us at the cross and he gives us his peace in the midst of our daily lives. Jehovah-Shalom holds his umbrella over us before battle, during the battle, in the aftermath of war — in every step of our lives.

God is our peace, whatever is going on in our lives.

Jehovah-Shalom, you brought peace to Gideon in that fearful time, and strengthened him to deliver Israel. You brought peace to my life through the blood of Christ and that same peace can be mine today — leading me, strengthening me, giving me the foundation for the battle against my enemies, both the spiritual and physical ones. Amen.

Go Deeper — Are you facing a bad situation today? Maybe a scoffing coworker, a friend tempting you to do something, or a family member who tests your nerves? Will you ask for God to cover you with his peace?

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Photo Credit: Pixabay