Sarai desperately wanted a child after many barren years. In her pain she allowed the culture to determine her course. She convinced her husband, Abram, to embrace Hagar, her maidservant in order to obtain children. What Sarai didn’t anticipate was the disrespect she would receive from Hagar after Hagar conceived.

Sarai retaliated harshly against Hagar in an attempt to put Hagar back in her place. A distraught Hagar fled to the wilderness. Although she momentarily escaped the clutches of Sarai, she found herself confronted by the Angel of the LORD. He insisted she return and humbly submit to Sarai’s control.

Hagar could have rejected these instructions and refused to listen further. Instead, she opened her heart to hear all that the Angel had to say. God lovingly provided the solace she sought by letting Hagar know He not only saw her situation, but He saw her as well. The extremely trying conditions she experienced allowed Hagar to come to know God intimately as the God who sees the weak and hurting.

Maybe you’re where Hagar was and you need to know that God sees you. Ask Him to reveal Himself and His will to you where you are. Remember, He will never lead you in a direction contrary to His word. As we see Him as He is we are enabled to authentically worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).

Father, thank you for the situations in our lives that allow you to reveal who you are. May we worship you during those times in spirit and in truth. Amen.

Go deeper — is there something you’ve held back talking to God about? Talk to Him about it right now. Know that He sees you today, with unconditional love and compassion.

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