“At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there.” John 8:9

The Pharisees brought the adulterous woman to Jesus and used her to try and trap Him. He said that if any of them had never sinned, they could throw the first stone. One by one they shuffled away. Surprisingly, the woman didn’t dash down the street and try to save herself. She stayed, feet planted to the ground, right in front of Jesus

Would you? I am not sure I would.

In a way, I admire her. She didn’t try to make excuses for her sin. She boldly stood before Jesus, dependent upon His mercy. Perhaps she was in shock. I think she recognized His authority and power and knew He was the only one who could save her, not just that day, but for the rest of her life. She knew that trying to wiggle her way out with lame excuses wouldn’t work on Him. She never asked for forgiveness (maybe because she thought she didn’t deserve it), but Jesus saw her honesty and granted it anyway. He told her to go and leave her life of sin. I hope she did.

Are we not all to act the same way as this brave woman? Isn’t it time we owned up to the fact we have sinned, and stand before Him to receive His mercy? No more hiding, minimizing, or ignoring the ways we fall short. Facing Him and facing our sins. Then, having received His forgiveness instead of the condemnation we deserve, may we go on with our lives and not commit the same sins.

Dearest Lord, let us stand before You in total honesty, for in doing that, we are open to receive Your mercy, Your healing, and Your instructions to live a more godly life. Give us the courage of the adulterous woman to face our wrongdoings and to repent. Amen.

Take Action

Is there a sin you are hiding from Jesus? Will you carve out some quiet, alone time this week to boldly stand before Him so you can be open and honest with Him and finally receive His loving forgiveness?

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