One day, while attempting to walk my neighbors’ dog, Sam, I found myself locked in their backyard. I’d left my phone at home. Sam, the playful 110 lb black lab, eagerly waited with the leash in his mouth. I prayed, “Lord, help Sam and I get out of here so I can walk him.”

Initially, I thought I could jump over the six-foot fence but after climbing to the top, I decided that the last thing I needed was a broken ankle. Just when I was about to climb down, a neighbor walked by. I yelled out, “Help! I’m not robbing them. I’m trying to walk their dog and we are stuck inside the yard.”

As she helped Sam and I get out, she stated, “I never walk in the middle of the afternoon, but I was sitting on my couch and praying when the Holy Spirit prompted me to get up and go for a walk.”

Promptings or leadings from the Holy Spirit are common experiences for Christian believers. In Luke 2:27, Simeon was “moved by the Spirit” to go into the temple where Joseph and Mary were dedicating Jesus to God. The Holy Spirit will lead us by putting what we are supposed to do into our hearts.

Take the time each day to do those things which make you sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading by reading Scripture, praying, and fellowshipping with other believers. Then obey his prompting. You might encourage someone or save someone from being trapped.

Lord, thank you for the Holy Spirit and his many attributes. Help me to discern all promptings from the Holy Spirit so I can obey in his strength and do what you have called me to do. Amen!

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Photo Credit: Tiago Gerken