True faith needs no publicizing. Robinson Chirinos is more than just a baseball player. In the North Texas community that he calls home, he’s a hero.

I was once at home watching the Texas Rangers play, my favorite baseball team. The day was deemed “Giving Day”. Throughout the game, broadcasters highlighted the charitable contributions of the team and the individual players. Many of the men on the team, and in the Rangers’ organization, donate millions of dollars and countless hours to help those in need in Texas and abroad. One broadcaster said that of all the people mentioned, no one surpasses the heart and dedication of Catcher Robinson Chirinos.

Faith is often misunderstood. Sometimes we see it as a belief system. Our faith like our genealogy can become our identity. I am Protestant. They are Catholic. She is Muslim. He is Jewish.

But faith is action. I can tell what you believe by the way you act, and you can say the same thing about me. I’ve heard it said that if you want to know what someone believes, look at their calendar and their bank statement. How we spend our time and money says a lot about our faith. We live and act in a way that our faith dictates.

The faith of Robinson Chirinos is evident for all to see. It’s more than talk. It’s action. So as I write this, I ask myself this question, “Is my faith in God known by looking at my actions?”

Lord, show me how my actions reflect my beliefs. Then show me where they do not and guide me to correct my actions so that they do. Amen.

Today's Challenge: Think and pray about how you can get involved in your church’s or community’s giving organizations. Or maybe someone in your family or neighborhood needs your faith to take action in their lives.

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Photo Credit: Joey Huang on Unsplash