When I first felt God calling me to be a Christian writer, my family didn’t understand. They saw no profit in it and wanted me to get a “real job” so I could support myself in my widowhood. But as the years went by and they saw how God helped others through my words, they did a 180-degree turnaround.

Family can either be a help or a hindrance to our ministries. I know of missionaries who displeased their families by heading off to difficult situations in foreign countries. Musicians and artists often feel the grumblings of discord from their parents or siblings who mutter under their breaths, “Why can’t he be like everyone else?” Maybe some members of your family don’t "get” this religious trek you are on.

We must realize that our families, misguided as they may be in their priorities, only wish us the best in life. If it is God’s will that we do the things we do, the truth will prevail. Eventually our families will come to understand.

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Hopefully, none of us will feel the need to be as stealth-like in our actions as Gideon. But how many of us hide our light under a bushel when we’re around family, fearing they may scoff or scold? We need to boldly shine God’s light through our talents to everyone, even our family. By doing so, we may lead them into the family of Christ, the eternal family of faith.

Dear Father in Heaven, help us shine Your light into our families so that those who don’t understand our love and obedience for You, will grasp the reason why You rule our lives, decisions, and actions. Then Lord, please guide them to want to claim that reason for themselves. Amen.

Take Action

If you are facing opposition from family regarding your ministry and God-given dreams, stand firm with love and patience if you are confident of His will. Seek counsel from a trusted Christian friend if you are unsure which path to take.

Remember: we have confidential and free mentors eager to listen, pray, and encourage. 

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