When I was a child, my mom used to faithfully take me to church every week during a time when my dad was questioning the value of going to church. As years passed, God did a miracle in my family where both my dad and mom rededicated their lives to worshiping and serving God, so when I was about 12 years old, I went forward in a church service to indicate my desire to follow God as well.

Throughout the years, I had many Sunday School teachers, but there are two that I remember most, Mrs. Keith and Mrs. Bronkema, because their teaching and Christ-like example had the biggest impact on my life. I learned so much from them!

As a teenager, I began to teach younger children in Sunday School, and I have been teaching children (and sometimes adults!) ever since. To me, it has only been natural to “pass on” everything that I have been taught and have learned, to others, even though sometimes it is difficult to “get through” to every child in a class during the short amount of time that I have with them.

Are you passing on what you have learned to others? Sometimes I have felt that perhaps I am getting too old to teach children; but just this fall, I have been given a group of about 15 grade 4’s and 5’s that I love, which has rekindled in me a renewed desire to pass on what I have learned to those who are younger than me!

Just as Paul taught Timothy, and encouraged him to teach others, I have learned that I should not grow weary in doing this, even though I may not have the energy that I once had! Although I am retired now, God has not given me permission to retire from doing his work, and when my energy is not what I wish it was, God will continue to use me anyway.

Father God, thank you for Paul’s and Timothy’s examples of faithfulness in teaching others. Please help even those of us who have served for many years to continue doing so, reflecting your love and faithfulness to younger generations! Amen.

For today: There is an ongoing need in most churches for those who would spend time teaching the church’s children. Is God calling you, or calling you back, into this wonderful ministry?

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Photo Credit: Big Potato on Unsplash