Have you ever had a friend abandon you after a terrible rumor was spread around about you? Or what about a friend who often dumped you for something better if they were invited to a more exciting event? What about a friend who used you to relieve their boredom or to improve their status?

Once you have been around long enough, you will come to the realization that many of your “friends” are a disappointment. They can let you down when you least expect it. Perhaps, like others, you’ve had so many let downs that you wonder if anyone will faithfully stand with you until the end.

Too many times, people will betray us for no justifiable reason. Sometimes, even after we offer a justifiable reason, they still let us down. People may disappoint us; however God promises that he will always remain with us, no matter what, if we accept Jesus as our Savior.

God will not forsake us. As Jesus ascended into heaven in Matthew 28:20, he said that he'd still be with us until the very end of the age. He remains steadfast in his friendship towards us. He is our example whom we look to for true friendship. What a comfort.

Instead of wondering if you will ever have friends or find faithful ones, make God your best friend. Spend more time in the Word and in prayer, drawing closer to him because he has promised never to forsake you!

Dear Lord, please help me to understand that you are the only true friend I need. Let me recognize that if I have you, I have everything. Make me desire you alone, and satisfy my longing for a friend through you. Amen.

Go Deeper — Don’t be down on your friends for not being perfect, but extend to them the grace your Father gives to you. If there is someone you need to “clear the air with”, will you seek to do that today, in a humble, loving and compassionate manner, and in person if possible? Invite the Holy Spirit to fill you and guide your conversation.

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Photo Credit: Lukas