My wife and I are intrigued by the Tiny House movement. You know, folks who have committed themselves to the minimalistic simplicity of living in 200 square feet of dwelling space? Not only is the simplicity and lack of clutter an attraction to us, but some of those houses are really ingeniously designed. Who wouldn’t like to travel in style in one of those cute little homes on wheels… at least for awhile? We’d probably tire of the nomadic existence in time. I admire Abram (later named Abraham). What an example of trust in God. Told to leave all he knew and set out for the uncharted, Abram took his wife and nephew on the road (Genesis 12:5). “Where are you going, Abe?” his friends must have wondered. I imagine his answer would have been as simple as his faith. “To a place God promised me.” And off he went, as the neighbors no doubt shook their heads in disbelief.

We are not told much about Abram’s relationship with God at this point in the narrative, but he must have understood that God was a promise keeper. Abram invested his whole life in pursuit of that promise.

How about us? I wonder how long most of us would have stayed on the road before we got tired of camping and figured we must have gotten the message wrong. Would we have turned around, given up, and then missed God’s promise?

Oh, Lord, you know how I long to control my own destiny and chart my own course. Even when I do believe you have led me, how quick I am to grow weary and grumble. How easily I give up. Forgive me, Lord, and help me to hear your voice more clearly and trust you more completely. May I never miss your promise because of lack of faith! Amen.

Go Deeper — Where might God be telling you to go in the year ahead? Into another culture… or maybe just across the street to a neighbor who needs to see God’s love and hear His truth through you? Ask the Lord today if He has a direction for you to follow. And ask Him for the faith to go!

Tags: The Patriarchs Hebrews 11
Photo Credit: Dan Grinwis