Even more than Cornelius’ actions, it’s his attitude that inspires me. Cornelius served as a centurion in the regiment based in Caesarea. Although a Gentile, he feared the Jewish God as the one true God. Cornelius worshipped God, prayed regularly, and gave generously to the needy. So, when God sent an angel to Cornelius, he immediately obeyed the angel’s instructions to send for Peter. Cornelius expected God to speak through Peter. He gathered his family and friends in that spirit of expectation. They were ready to listen — ready to obey.

Every day, when I read God’s word, I want to come with that same spirit of expectation. God’s Holy Spirit teaches, corrects, encourages, comforts, and convicts us through His written Word, the Bible. Though recorded thousands of years ago, the Bible remains living and active (Hebrews 4:12) to all who seek truth.

Cornelius also understood that God was present in his home among the group of God-fearing, truth-seekers assembled. Whenever and wherever we seek God diligently and with open hearts, He is present.

God longs to speak to us. Let us come to Him, ready to listen and expecting Him to speak. Let us gladly submit ourselves to Him, ready to obey and eager to be molded into His likeness.

Holy God, I surrender myself to you. I believe you speak to those who seek you. Help me to seek you with my whole being. Make me a good listener. Amen.

Go deeper — What attitudes need to change for you to believe that God still speaks today? Turn off all the noise around you and sit quietly for a couple minutes. Ask God to make His presence known to you. Then begin to read His Word with a listening heart.

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Photo Credit: Nick Tong