I was in love. I sat in my university dorm room struggling with releasing this relationship into God’s hands. It was easy to trust God with my exams, but could I trust God with this woman I so deeply desired? As I read my Bible, the passage in Matthew 7:7-11 caught my attention.

My father came to mind. He was an alcoholic and had many failings in life. Yet, I was absolutely sure if I needed help he would do all in his power to help me. At that moment, I had to affirm how much more God, perfect in love, goodness, and wisdom, truly desired what was best for me. I realized this was why He sent Jesus to die an excruciating death on a cross for my sins.

I could trust God with this love relationship I so desired. I had to re-affirm that conclusion when doubts crept in because this wonderful relationship did not grow the way I assumed it would. As it turns out, God had different plans for me. He eventually provided a new love relationship, and we are celebrating 40 years of marriage and counting! God did know best after all.

Is there an area of life that you are struggling to surrender to God? Do you believe that God is 100% good, loving, and has your best in mind? Remember, surrender is a moment-by-moment discipline.

Dear heavenly Father, thank you that you love me. Thank you that your perfect love has been so clearly demonstrated by your son’s death on a cross for my sins. I trust you to guide me and provide the best plan for every area of my life. Amen.

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Photo Credit: Taneli Lahtinen