It is easy to grab hold of this promise without looking at the context of sacrificial giving and generosity that precedes it. As Paul received all that he needed, to the point of being content with plenty or less (Philippians 4:12), he encouraged the Philippians to continue to trust God and give generously, knowing that God would replace or resupply everything the Philippians sacrificed for God.

The wonderful thing about God is that he knows what a person needs before he or she even asks (Matthew 6:8)! And often God uses his people to supply the needs of others.

Just as a parent anticipates what his or her child will need before the child even asks, God is even more in tune with what is going on inside us, wanting to help us every step of the way, but also not willing to spoil us unnecessarily. (We all know what spoiled children are like.)

In this passage, there is an amazing peace that comes from knowing that God is a rich Father who loves us more than we can comprehend. Just as God does not selfishly withhold from us what we need for life each day, he also wants us to be giving people like the Philippians who trusted God enough to share with others around them who were in need.

Lord, thank you for all of the provisions you have made for me, often without my even asking. I am so glad I can come to you with my needs each day, knowing that your resources are unlimited. Help me to be more content with what you give me, even if it is not everything I think I need. And teach me to trust you enough to share with others out of the abundance of what you have given. Amen.

Throughout this Day: Is there someone around you with whom you can share out of the abundance God has given you? Take a faith step to trust God for your own needs as you seek to meet the needs of someone else, knowing that God will indeed look after all of your needs richly!

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Photo Credit: Photo by Tommaso Urli on Unsplash