There is a popular saying that we hear in the media, especially at certain times of the year: “Follow your heart.” I hadn’t really thought much about it until this past Christmas, when I was faced with a decision - was I going to continue to respond in obedience to God or was I going to give in to loneliness and impatience and take advantage of an opportunity that was before me?

I was watching a Christmas movie that had the “follow your heart" message in it, and I just started weeping as I journaled my conflicted feelings before God. As I tried to apply the verse above, another verse came into my mind, one which turns the idea of following your heart on its head: “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” (Jeremiah 17:9).

This is not a very popular verse, especially during Valentine’s day. But that verse reminded me in that difficult moment, that my emotions are not my guide, God is.

Something that helped me get through that time was imagining the future, when I have finally met the love of my life and it all makes sense. I imagined myself writing about this moment when it was no longer painful because I was past it.

Then I realized that the true victory is found in clinging to God in the moment, declaring that I trust him even while I don’t have all the answers. As Darren Young, president of Power to Change, said recently during chapel, “Christmas is about making Christ bigger.” So I cling to that in this moment, and as Valentine’s Day nears, I continue to cling to Jesus. As I do, I find a new possibility, one that God is putting his blessing on. I rejoice in that possibility, but I know that I have love even now in this uncertain moment. Because love comes from the one who made me, and I can trust him.

Dear Father, thank you that love comes from you, and because of that, we can follow you instead of our fickle hearts. Please help us honor you in this season that honors love. In Jesus name, amen.

Throughout this day: How can you choose to follow God instead of your own heart today?

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