A few years back, I did a self-evaluation. In my prayer I had one request of God — to want to see what he saw when he looked at me. Little did I know that God would grant me that request in an unprecedented way.

The Lord began revealing the state of my heart. It was truly wicked and in dire need of a Savior. I desired to be right with God instead. In my pursuit of him and his righteousness, he began to perfect me and give me an unquenchable desire for him and his holiness.

God was doing something that I couldn’t describe, working in me by his Spirit to give me the desires that are pleasing to him. He was changing my heart for the greater good. This affected my life positively and it started trickling down to those that were around me, bringing the desired transformation.

In this portion of Scripture, God is at work in the lives of his people. He is bringing about hearts that are strong, blameless, and holy. There is character transformation. His people begin to want to be transformed into Jesus’ image by the Spirit.

It’s imperative that we celebrate what Christ was able to accomplish at the cross for us. Because he lives in us, we can be strong in our walk, blameless in his sight, and leading lives that are consecrated to him.

When Christ returns, may it please him to say, “...Come, you who are blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the world” (Mathew 25:34).

Heavenly Father, I know that you work in hearts that are surrendered to you. I relinquish all authority and give you my heart and soul this very day. Transform me by your Spirit so that I become a vessel that you can use for your glory. Amen.

Go Deeper — Do you walk in the Spirit by faith, or seek to change yourself by yourself? How can your trust in God's promises deepen today?

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Photo Credit: Kelly Sikkema