There’s something about flying that I really like. When the jet lifts off the runway, I relax even though I have no control. There is nothing I can do other than pray. I have no control over anything related to the flight. The flight crew are in charge, but I like the feeling. Crazy, right?

In life, I often have the illusion of control. But then I quickly realize that there really is nothing that I can do to control what happens, other than to decide how I act and react to the world around me. I really have no control. I often seek to influence the decisions of others; my wife, kids, grandkids, friends, neighbors and co-workers but I have realized that I can’t control any of their decisions or actions, either. I plan for the future but have no guarantee that I will enjoy another moment of life!

When I embrace the truth, I can relax. I can accept the fact that I have no control. Just as in flying in a plane, the moment I take my seat, I make the choice to place my faith in the crew, which actually makes flying enjoyable for me. As the pilot of the plane in which we all ride, God invites us to give up the illusion of control and trust in his ability to steer our lives in the right direction safely.

I remember seeing the phrase years ago: “I don’t know what the future holds but I know who holds the future.” When I embrace God’s presence with me in each detail of my life and accept his perfect love I can relax and enjoy the ride!

Thought for the Day: Ask yourself, “In what areas of life do I need to accept the fact that I have no control and to choose to relax?”

Prayer: Father God, I thank you, that you are the Lord Almighty. You are in control of all things. You understand every element of my life right now. I surrender my anxious thoughts to you. I trust you and will choose to enjoy the ride today. Amen.

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