**Have you ever been emotionally upset and sought to find satisfaction in food or an activity to drown out the pain? Did you fail to find the satisfaction you were seeking? **

In 1973 I began having horrendous headaches. I looked for answers and found nothing to help. Unknown to me, I had low blood sugar. My doctor put me on a special diet to stabilize my blood sugar.

My doctor taught me to look out for preservatives, fillers, and additives in the food that I was buying. What he didn’t teach me was to look for emotional fillers, additives, and self-preservation efforts.

What was going on emotionally at that time? I was emotionally empty. Pride had taught me to bury my emotional pain. I bit Satan’s bait and was hooked through self-deception. I pretended that everything was alright, but my heart was fragmented from broken expectations.

Emotional fillers are the fruit of reliance on self. They mask our true heart condition. We seek to fill our empty vacuum with fleshly pursuits that have no substance.

Emotional fillers are like piles of dirt swept under the carpet. We may think that we have buried them, but in actuality they occupy precious space in hearts created to be a reservoir that contains God’s Word. Emotional fillers are hidden sin that block intimate communion with God.

Psalm 107:9 takes us back to God’s wonderful promise. It says, “For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things.” Do you long to long for him more? Have you tasted of his goodness? True satisfaction comes through a fulfilling personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Father, I ask you to help each one of us look to you first and not fill our souls with empty things that cannot satisfy. You alone understand our heart’s need, and only you are able to fulfill it with eternal substance. May we glorify you in every aspect of our lives. Amen.

Throughout This Day: If you find yourself turning towards emotional fillers, stop and invite the Spirit to enable you to turn to God instead to talk about what is weighing you down.

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Photo Credit: Jason Abdilla on Unsplash