Travelling to exciting and exotic destinations throughout my thirties and forties invoked a feeling of true freedom. Each subsequent excursion brought a euphoria that was unparalleled to my mundane existence.

My pulse quickened each time a new jaunt got closer and I couldn't pack my suitcase fast enough. Sleep often eluded me a couple days prior to departing. Once I stepped on the plane and secured my seat belt, however, my focus shifted to the international terminus anxiously awaiting my arrival.

The first few days of a journey in new surroundings transported me into a place of awe. The sun seemed to shine brighter, the food tasted better, and there was a new spring in my step. Morning to night was an exercise in frivolity and spontaneity. There were no boundaries to what I could do. It was like a dream being lived out.

Then 2019 happened and everything came to a screeching halt. My future travel plans had been grounded, literally. It was frustrating, disheartening, and the possibility of no longer jet-setting to overseas locales brought on a depression-like state. I felt trapped. Yet, God would weave a dynamic purpose from my malaise.

I’m not gonna lie, I felt as though I was grieving. My situation was akin to losing someone precious. Fighting through the discouragement and anger of lockdowns and multi-layered restrictions took a great deal of time in prayer.

Half a year into the ‘new world order’, things in my heart and psyche began changing. A strange but familiar contentment surged and the Lord was rolling out his resolve before my spiritual eyes – that I had already obtained the greatest liberation possible; I had ultimate freedom because Christ was my Lord and Savior and there would be nothing else that should ever surpass it. No boarding pass to a fascinating place, no foreign four-star restaurant, and never in a worldly lark. Jesus Christ was the only freedom I needed to pursue in order to truly live.

As Christians, we possess the height of every freedom imaginable – salvation in Jesus Christ. It’s a privilege we should never glaze over with notions that worldly escapades will match the freedom Christ died to give us. Let us share that freedom, indeed, with those who continue to struggle in this chaotic world.

Lord Jesus, forgive me when I lose sight that ultimate freedom is only found in you. In spite of my desires, keep bringing me back to the awesome reminder that there is no greater freedom than what I possess in having salvation. Thank you and I praise you. Amen.

Throughout This Day: It has been difficult for many of us over the past couple years. Losing certain freedoms have hit hard. May you be comforted by today’s verse and message and always keep your eyes fixed on the ultimate freedom of Jesus Christ, your Lord and Savior.

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Photo Credit: Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash