How would you feel if a loved one was dying, and the only person on earth who could save them was the doctor in the emergency room — but this specific doctor chose to not do it? Instead, he let your loved one die. You would be furious, wouldn’t you?

Jesus’s words are a constant reminder to us, as believers, that there are many struggling people in the world who are literally dying to hear the Gospel — but there’s no one willing to tell them. They are lost and on their way to hell. We have the ability to give them the good news that could save their lives, but do we chose to tell them? Or do we go about our own agenda instead?

We can choose to be the people at the end of the passage who obey Christ’s command and share the good news, impacting others for Christ and leading them into the kingdom.

Both you and I can share the joy of salvation with someone else, but only when we remember God’s call is for us to die to our fears and selfish ambitions and witness to those around us. Their eternal end doesn’t have to be miserable if we muster up the courage to share the Gospel. It can be rewarding for us, and for them, so that both are rejoicing, just as the passage states.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and share! There are people who need saving and are dying to hear it.

Dear Lord, please grant me the courage to fulfill your calling for me, pushing aside fear to help the lost. Provide people my way who are ripe and ready to receive your Word, and let me not neglect them. Amen.

Go Deeper ― Create goals to help you fulfill Christ’s calling on your life. Create a plan to attain those goals. Are you going to volunteer in a place where you can share the Gospel? Are you going to make it a point to share the Gospel with friends you’ve known for years but never have? Whatever it is, create a plan, and then stick to it!

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Photo Credit: Adrien Gonin