It is said that men don’t cry. I have come to realize that this is more of a fallacy than truth. The backdrop of this verse explains why there were so many tears flowing on that fateful day. David and his army of men had been away from their home in Ziklag. When they came back, they found their town burned to the ground and their women and children captured by the enemy.

This tragedy was such a devastating place of loss. Indeed these men were truly hard-pressed. Their only solace could be found in their tears. They wept until they could weep no more. No strength remained. They could not be consoled. David arose, wiped his tears, and retreated in the place he knew all too well. He found strength in the Lord (1Samuel 30:6b).

David knew God was still with him, as he is always with us. David’s response was a clear illustration that he had faith in God’s ability to intervene. His dependence on God gave him the drive to act when he felt defeated. When David arose, God gave him victory over his enemies.

Are you hard-pressed like David? Have you wept until you had no more strength within you? Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Wipe your tears dry and rise up from that place of loss, pain, and hopelessness. Turn to the Lord, and let him comfort, encourage, refresh, strengthen, renew your vision and equip you to move forward. Victory awaits.

Heavenly Father, there is no situation that is difficult for you to handle. I look to you today to grant me the strength to overcome and the much-needed help in my faith journey. Amen.

Go Deeper— Have you been hesitant to act based on past defeats? Have you encountered loss, and you see no way out? Commit these situations to your Father in prayer. Then rise up and act as per your convictions.

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Photo Credit: Aliyah Jamous