I think we all have an independent streak. That can be a good thing. Being able to handle difficulties, learning to resolve problems and find solutions, and working through the stress to a resolution are all growing steps toward adulthood.

But, there is a danger in cocooning ourselves from getting close to others. Perhaps we have been deeply hurt by someone we loved and trusted, a victim of bullying, or persecuted by those who we thought were friends. So we become independent and keep everyone at an emotional arm’s length. Perhaps physically as well.

If this doesn’t jibe with you, perhaps you know someone who is like this. However, isolation is not God’s original plan. Community is. He wants us to practice inter-dependence. I think in this culture of “Jesus loves me,” we can tend to downplay how much we believers need each other. We seek faith on the internet, in Christian music, TV programs, and daily devotionals such as these. And that’s good. But how much better to share them with others!

It’s a tough world out there, and we should not go it alone. Satan tries to divide whereas God unites — us to Him through His Son, Jesus, and to each other as the body of Christ here on earth. Yes, we need to put on the armor of God to fight life’s battles, but sometimes it helps to have someone else there to suit us up. We need to be in fellowship, in like-mindedness, and dependent upon each other to combat the evils in this life.

Dear Lord, unite us in Your word, mercy, and grace. Remind us we are called to serve each other as well as you and that together, you are in the midst of us. Help us to be dependent upon other believers and help them to depend on us as well. Amen.”

Go Deeper — What are you trying to battle on your own? Consider reaching out to another Christian and asking for help, even if just to pray for you. Chances are they will be delighted you did.

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Photo Credit: Steven Van Loy