I love a good Western movie, especially when the sheriff’s battles the outlaws with the menacing scowl during the all-important duel at 10 paces. When the battle is fought, and the outcome is decided, I cheer as the victor rides off into the sunset. Makes for a great scene and powerful moment.

But when I think about it, that scene is ridiculous. Cowboys that ride off into the sunset quickly run out of daylight and have to camp just outside of town. Probably they should have just stayed put for the night instead of being all dramatic.

Sometimes we feel that way on our journey. We know we have been through a lot and feel like shouting, “Hey, someone look over here, look how tough it’s been for me!” We want someone to acknowledge how hard we worked and what we’ve been through. We shouldn’t think that way.

During Jesus’ journey, he healed two blind men, and you know what he said after he healed them? “Don’t tell anyone about this.” Jesus went through his journey the right way knowing that the One Person who mattered (God) saw his works and knew his heart.

Do good with the intention of no one finding out. And if they do, let them point it out. Don’t be the cowboy that is all dramatic and has to make camp right outside of town. Your actions will speak louder than your words, and in time God will bless you and make your journey worthwhile.

Lord, let my actions and attitudes point to you instead of to myself. May I give you the glory because you have given me the talents and opportunities. Help me be as humble as you were while you journeyed this earth. Amen.

Go Deeper — If you are looking for applause, ask yourself why. Is recognition that important? Why or why not?

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Photo Credit: Melanie Brown