My cousin used to make fun of me for being a Christian. But now, he is a believer. For years, I believe God was telling me to share my faith with family members, especially my cousin. And, although my seed planting came at the cost of being hurt by mockery and slander, I’m glad I obeyed my Heavenly Father.

What motivated me to persevere through the challenges was my love for God and rejoicing in the hope that someday the seeds I planted would bloom into a new garden of faith. This required patience during times of tribulation despite all of the hurtful words I received. This also required frequent prayers and private conversations with Jesus, especially when I felt rejected and alone.

Thankfully, it wasn’t my efforts alone that bloomed belief in Jesus in my cousin’s heart, for I just planted the seeds. God, however, provided the seeds, tilled the land, and did all of the watering.

We are each called to share the gospel with those around us. Planting in God’s name is never done in vain. Remember that the next time God moves you to tell someone about Jesus.

You see, we don’t know when the seeds we plant will start growing but that’s okay because God knows. Our duty is to obey– even if it means experiencing discomfort or facing rejection. After all, we are called to trust that the master gardener of the universe will grow the seeds according to his will.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for all of the seeds of hope, faith, and love you have provided and have grown in our lives. Please direct us to people who need to hear about Jesus. Please give us the strength to obey you no matter how many stings we may endure from our seed planting. And please reveal to us the wondrous growth from the seeds you have blossomed in the minds and hearts of new believers to provide us with encouragement. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Throughout The Day: Ask God to reveal who in your life needs to hear about Jesus. How can God use you to bring people to him? Read more in our resource called Evangelize? Who, me?

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Photo Credit: Oliver Hihn on Unsplash