May I ask you a question? Do you believe that God in His mercy is personally involved in your life?

Take time to mediate on today’s scripture before drawing a conclusion. In light of the fact that bad things often happen to good people, and that things don’t always turn out the way we pray they will, it can be difficult to believe God, in His mercy or steadfast love, is truly involved in our everyday struggles. It may be even more difficult to think He’s concerned with our everyday mundane experiences.

What if the reality that Christ has allowed us to experience bad things, or has withheld things we’ve sought Him for in prayer, is the evidence that He is merciful? That He is so concerned with our Christian growth that He, in His wisdom, sends or allows hardships or doesn’t answers our prayers according to our desires or timetable because He is as He says, “perfecting that which concerns me.”

It reminds me of what Peter declares in 1 Peter 3:14a, "But even if you should suffer..., you are blessed." These weren’t empty words he spoke. He had courageously suffered for Christ's sake, believing God had a beneficial purpose for his suffering and leaving us an example to emulate.

Therefore, in answer to my original question, do you believe God in His mercy is personally involved in your life? In agreement with the Psalmist as he declared God's merciful steadfast love, I think we can unanimously answer yes!

Father, let us have the same mindset as the Psalmist had. Let us realize that according to your word you will perfect the purposes you have for us, and show mercy. Amen.

Go Deeper — If you’re experiencing difficulties or delayed answers to prayer, ask God to supply the grace necessary for you to view your circumstance or His delays as perfecting tools for Christian growth.

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