How fitting a verse for our Savior to give to His disciples after the Lord’s Supper prior to His crucifixion and His ascension back to the Father. After three years of public ministry, Jesus privately set His attention on preparing His disciples to continue His work in His absence.

The disciples had bickered amongst themselves as to who was the greatest. Judas’ heart was set to betray Jesus. And, soon Peter would deny he knew Jesus shortly after he emphatically proclaimed that although all the other disciples might abandon Jesus, he never would.

Their recent behaviors indicated a “me” attitude. If they were going to accomplish the Great Commission of making disciples throughout the known world after His departure (Mathew 28:19-20), this attitude needed reforming. Thankfully, Jesus loved His disciples too much to let them continue in their sin. He set in motion the process of pruning them of their self-centered character while He prayed their faith would not fail.

Is it evident you are Christ’s disciple when others observe your treatment of them as well as that of your brothers and sisters in Christ? If not, your actions may indicate a “me” mindset in need of repentance.

What better time to work on reforming your attitude than during this Advent season, the season of love. Love that God would send His Son to earth. Love that He shows us the way to live, which points others to Him. Love that calls us to serve as we watch for Christ’s return for us, His bride.

Father, give us opportunities this week as the body of Christ to love in deed and in truth and may a watching world be drawn to Christ. Erase any “me” attitude in us, so we can shine your love. Amen.

Go Deeper — Prayerfully look for opportunities to serve and give to others, and do so joyfully.

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Photo Credit: Jean Lakosnyk