When we’re preparing for an important meeting or a job interview, we like to look and feel our best. We may spend much time in front of the mirror, practicing our speech and fixing ourselves up so that we look important, fashionable, and pleasant to the eye.

When it’s time to get into worship, we should be careful not to come lifeless, expecting God to take whatever it is that we want to offer.

We should come before God with praise on our lips and expectancy in our heart, excited about the next move He is going to make concerning our lives. I understand that there will be days when life isn’t going so well and we will go before God sad and with a heavy heart, but somewhere in the midst of worship, we should begin to break free of what has us bound and allow worship to encompass our souls and praise to fill the atmosphere.

Father God, in times of trouble I ask that you allow my worship to overtake my sadness and praise to ease my soul. Forgive me for those days when I come into your presence lacking expectation and with less than a mustard seed of faith. I believe the plans you have for my life and I believe that my worship will allow heaven to open up and rain down blessings upon me. Because my love for you is greater than life, I will worship you forever more. Amen.

Go deeper — set aside time for worship today. Create a space where it is just you and God.

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