In the power and name of Jesus, Peter commanded a lame man to walk. Imagine the scene. The man, crippled from birth, sat at the entrance to the temple. Each day, his friends carried him there so that he could beg for money to sustain himself. When Peter took his hand, the man instantly felt his feet and ankles become strong.

That’s when the commotion started. The man went with Peter and John into the temple courts, leaping and shouting praise to God. Naturally, everyone who heard the excitement came running. All the people recognized the joyful, healthy man as the previously crippled beggar. In their amazement, the people looked to Peter, the miracle worker. Peter responded with words that should convict every believer: Why does this surprise you? (Acts 3:12)

Later in the book of Acts, Paul asks a similar question as he shares his story. “Why should any of you consider it incredible that God raises the dead?” (Acts 26:8)

As Christians, we say we believe God:

Yet, the astonishment we show at demonstrations of God’s power proves we don’t really expect Him to act. God still performs miracles — for the same reason He did in Jesus’ day — to glorify Himself and cause people to repent and believe.

Father, forgive my surprise when I see your power at work. You spoke the world into being and raised Jesus from the dead. You can do anything. May your Spirit empower me to believe and live out that truth. Amen.

Go deeper — Take some time to assess your thoughts. Do you really believe in God’s power? How does that knowledge change your behavior?

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Photo Credit: Nick Tong