Divide and conquer. It’s one of the enemy’s most successful strategies against the human race. It’s intensifying.

I can’t remember a time when the fissures have run so deep. In families, husbands and wives are pitted against each other. Children rise up against parents. Division abounds within local churches as well as in the Body of Christ worldwide. Countries are being pulled apart at the seams by political, racial, or social factions — the educated vs. the uneducated; rich vs. poor; The “elites” vs. the common people.

Every line drawn weakens the whole. Although diverse opinions can strengthen the structure, division destroys it. I’m afraid that’s what we now face. Satan has cunningly woven into the social fabric strands of such intense discord that almost every sphere of unity faces unraveling. Such disconnectedness makes us easy prey for destruction. How are we to respond?

Romans 12 offers a counter-strategy.

Cultivate genuine love as we vigorously safeguard the truth. Bless those who persecute us. Choose to love when tempted to hate. Forgive when tempted to curse. Refuse to return evil for evil and let humility direct us to harmony. Trust God to avenge wrongs as we show compassion to our enemies. Overcome Satan’s “divide and conquer” strategy by overcoming evil with good (verses 9-21).

Let’s be aware of Satan’s “divide and conquer” strategy on whatever level it surfaces. We have opportunity always to overcome his evil with God’s good.

Father, forgive us every time we fall for Satan’s tricks. Teach us to truly love as you do. No matter how big or small our sphere of influence, use us to overcome evil with good.

Throughout This Day: Intentionally pray for someone with whom you disagree or for someone who has hurt you and needs to be forgiven.

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Photo Credit: Fabien Wi on Unsplash