Once upon a time a man bought a property with a house sitting on it. Then he bought a second property by a lake and moved there. Being a compassionate man, he permitted a friend, who was in dire need, to move onto his first property free of cost in exchange for a vow to maintain it as if it were his own. The renter agreed wholeheartedly.

Five years later the landlord returned. He found his belongings trashed and squatters tenting in the yard, which was strewn with used needles and human waste.

The parable here is that we, like the renter, have been given freedom. Through Jesus’ death, we no longer pay for every stray thought, mean word, or self-indulgence once we confess them. With a clean slate, we are told to continue in our faith, established and firm. However, we are easily distracted. We forget to renew our minds. Instead we give real estate to Satan who is determined to:

Do we want to be like the renter above? Will we allow dismal moods, self-accusation, and impure thoughts to squat on the redeemed property of our minds?

Lord Jesus Christ, I ask for a willing spirit to return to your truth again and again. I ask for help in leaning into the realities of heaven, the security of my life being hidden with Christ in God, and the reversal of my emptiness being filled with Christ’s fullness and completeness. Amen.

Go Deeper – Read Colossians 3:16. Write it out and memorize it. Ask for God’s help in obeying it.

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Photo Credit: Stefan Gessert