What is a stronghold? The first, and simplest, definition given by Merriam-Webster is: “a fortified place.” Depending on the context, a stronghold can be either a place of great safety or it can be a prison.

Many places in Scripture speak of a stronghold as security (for example, Psalm 27:1). However, in the 2 Corinthians 10:4 verse above, the Apostle Paul clearly has in mind an enemy fortress to be conquered.

This fortress might be a societal evil that needs to be confronted. Other times the stronghold might feel like a prison that holds us captive. A looming wall of sin and bondage may seem insurmountable. It blocks our path. When we find ourselves on the outside of such a stronghold, Paul would exhort us to use our spiritual weapons to tear it down.

Either way, this passage gives us good news. Freedom is available from any stronghold, whether it holds you or someone else. Our God loves to set people free (John 8:36). We can always call on Him for help.

Do you have a stronghold in your life that seems like it can never be conquered? Do you know someone in bondage who needs to be set free? God loves you and those you love. His power can tear down those walls. Seek Him in prayer about it today!

Lord, thank you that, in your resurrection power, you have provided a way of freedom and release for captives like me. You have broken the power of sin and death. Help me walk boldly in your glorious freedom today! Amen.

Go Deeper — Print out a picture of a wall, or draw one. Write yours or your loved one’s stronghold on it, and then pray for Jesus to help you conquer it. Next, tear it into pieces and feel the freedom that comes with trusting it will happen for real.

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Photo Credit: Vladimir Vujeva