The car companies like to say it. Lawyers convince us with it. Politicians demand it for their constituents. I see it on the news and on commercials advertising the newest thing. It’s that little phrase that justifies any decision: You deserve it.

It’s a tricky phrase. God says in His Word that we all fall short of His expectation (Romans 3:23). In other words, we sin. And we deserve death because of our sin (Romans 6:23). Nobody wants that.

But the positive things we think we earn? Those are the things we want. We work hard to make a living. We deserve a little indulgence now and then. Someone hurts us. We deserve an apology at the very least.

The problem with “deserving” is we tend to see only one side of the issue. We see the side that benefits us. It is that viewpoint that keeps us buying to the point of debt. The feeling that we deserve something keeps us from letting go of hurts. Many people spend years chained to their objective to get what they deserve or to deprive someone else.

Thanks be to God, He does not treat us the way we deserve. He looks away from our sin and loves us. God’s mercy, which keeps away the consequences of our sinfulness, is beyond measure.

Brothers and sisters, if we find ourselves demanding what we think we have coming to us, let us remember to be thankful that Jesus mercifully took what we deserved.

Lord, forgive me when I focus on my need to have that for which I think I have worked for. Help me remember that I deserve death because of my sin and you have saved me. Amen.

Go Deeper — Pray for God to make you aware of the “you deserve it” attitude. Keep a gratitude journal and begin to see all that God has given you instead of focusing on what you lack.

Consider This — We are raised to grade the deeds that are done. If you still battle the desire to measure who deserves what, read God Doesn’t Grade on a Curve.

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Photo Credit: Kien Do