I pulled into the driveway of our church recently and was greeted with deep cuts left by someone’s four-wheeler activity on the front lawn. It sickened me. The ugly ruts crisscrossing the yard seemed like a desecration of sorts.

Earlier that morning, I read in Matthew 26 how Jesus stood firm during his arrest and trial. Judas betrayed him. The rest of his disciples deserted him. He stood alone before the Sanhedrin and endured one false accusation after another. It culminated with slimy spit, mocking slaps, sucker punches and demands for his death (v. 56-68). Now that’s desecration!

It’s a contempt that never went away. Today, the Body of Christ continues to be pummeled, ridiculed, and in many instances, persecuted. Will we — like Jesus — stand firm no matter what is hurled against us?

Jesus warned identification with him would not win us popularity contests. He said if men hated him, they would hate His Body — that’s us believers. But we live in a society that elevates “being liked” to near idol status. We crave others’ approval and affirmation. We love it when “all men speak well” of us even though Jesus cautioned us to beware of such longings (Luke 6:26). Body of Christ, remember our salvation doesn’t depend on the admiration of men. It depends on standing firm to the end through His grace freely working in us.

Jesus, help us stand firm to the end. As your body on the earth, may we always reflect you, even if we face those who desecrate and ridicule you. Amen.

Go Deeper — Take a moment to meditate on what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Then show it, despite what others may think.

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