Which would be harder to believe if we didn’t know the rest of the story: that God intended to destroy the world by flood when there had never been a rainstorm? Or that Noah set to work immediately on an ark no one had ever envisioned?

At first, God’s command seemed outrageous. Build something never seen before, and then go after two of every animal on earth to fill it? All because of this flood thing, whatever that was? People mocked his foolishness.

I would have wanted some other miracle, but for Noah, the miracle was God’s instructions to save him and his family, as well as the animals. His faith demanded nothing more.

Noah believed the message because he trusted the sender. Noah obeyed because he knew God’s character. He believed the stories passed down from Adam. He also accepted God’s Word as evidence of what had not yet been seen. Noah’s faith visualized the coming flood as an established fact, and that gave him the impetus to act.

For a hundred years he had to work to provide for his family’s needs while he followed God’s instructions to the last letter. Noah exemplified what James said centuries later: “I will show you my faith by my deeds” (James 2:18, NIV). Faith that isn’t backed up by action isn’t faith at all.

If God calls you out to do something, will you have the faith to act as Noah did?

Lord Almighty, I confess I don’t know if I have Noah’s kind of faith. May I continue to live by faith as I was saved by faith, wherever that leads. Teach me the patience to fulfill what you command of me and dispel my doubts. Amen.

Throughout this Day: Meditate on times you’ve sensed God speaking to you. How did you respond? What is He saying to you today? Begin now to take action, if God has directed you to do so.

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Photo Credit: Michael Weidner on Unsplash