Leaving the movie theater in the daytime is always a startling experience. You sit in the darkness for a few hours, and you grow accustomed to it; your eyes become used to the lack of light. But when you leave, the sun hits you full in the face. You pause before stepping into the parking lot, blinking as the light falls over you.

For many, the idea of grace is hard to visualize, especially if they have lived in the darkness of sin. But once the light of Christ, the Son, shines grace down on you, you can see.

Romans 6:14 is a beautifully powerful verse. When you declare that you live under a banner of grace, sin loses its power. You won’t automatically become perfect when you become a Christian; sin still tempts us, and we still sin. But the big difference is that sin will never again have complete dominion. It will trouble us, but it will not rule us. The design of grace is to remove and destroy sin when you accept Jesus. At first it might be more tempting to resort to the familiar darkness of sin, but grace defines who you are now.

Declare this truth daily over your life. Job 22:28 says, “What you declare will be done, and light will shine on your ways.” As a child of God, Romans 6:14 is your truth. Grace is your inheritance. Believe it, and declare it over your life. No more will you live in the darkness of sin — instead, walk in the light of grace.

Lord, thank you that sin is no longer my master. Remind me daily that I am walking in grace and grace only. Amen.

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Photo Credit: Joshua Earle