At times we may feel we’ve been silenced so we’re unable to proclaim what has been shut up inside us. Our silence can be due to either external forces or by our internal struggles with fear and doubt.

God sent an angel to tell Zacharias that his elderly wife was going to have a son who would be used in a great way by the Lord. But because he didn’t believe this was possible, Zacharias was made mute until these things took place.

Zacharias came to understand the power of words. When the moment came, he declared any way he could the instruction to name the child John, even though it went against the cultural norm to not name the child by a family name.

Because his belief replaced his doubt, his mouth was opened and the first thing he did was praise God. The impact of his words rang through all the country of Judea and people pondered in their hearts, “What kind of child will this be?” (Luke 1:66)

I wonder how many miracles have been performed in our lives that we have nay-sayed through words of doubt, or even our silence? It’s very easy to speak words of doubt and hinder the great things God wants to do in and through our lives. Our words have power and we should declare the truth of our faith any way we can. Whether we write a note or speak aloud, words carry purpose that touch hearts and impacts lives.

Lord, help us be bold and speak aloud your declarations. Remind us when we should remain silent and wash doubt from our hearts as your hand is upon us. May we declare, any way we can, the good news of your love, amen.

Go Deeper – Consider the desires of your heart and the words you are speaking about them. Declare today, in writing and with your mouth, the promises of God over those things and bring new life through your words.

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Photo Credit: Agnes Liinnea