Whether you have been a Christian for decades or only a few weeks, you have probably wrestled with doubts about God. No matter where we live or what our circumstances in life are, Satan is looking for any opportunity to shake our belief in God. Sometimes this comes by way of persecution. At other times, we are seduced by the pleasures of this world. Perhaps it is simply because we live in a fallen world where life can be hard.

When doubts come, where do we go? One tendency is to go back to what is familiar and comfortable. For the audience of this letter to the Hebrews, that was Judaism. For me, it is self-gratification. And while this letter is addressed to Jewish Christians, the answer for dealing with doubt is the same for all people — life is found in no other name than Jesus Christ.

Is God real? Jesus is God in the flesh. Is evolution the truth of our origin? Jesus created all things and holds them together through his Word. Is Jesus the only way to God? Only Jesus was qualified to provide purification for our sins. Does God care? Jesus was tempted in every way we are but did not sin, yet he loved us enough to die for us. Is God in control? Jesus is seated at the right hand of God as King of Kings.

No matter what doubts we deal with in life, only in Jesus can we find peace with God and rest for our souls.

Heavenly Father, in every circumstance of my life, teach me that, without a doubt, Christ is everything I need. Amen.

Go Deeper — Write down your doubts. Be honest. Then choose an online concordance or one in book form. Look up one of those topics. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your understanding, then read what the Bible says.

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