Each day this month, we will consider key moments in God’s glorious plan to redeem us. We will understand both the overarching story of God and the highlights of all he’s done for us in Christ.

With a brilliant burst of light and matter, God’s voice sang our universe into existence. Our cosmic home is not an aimless accident but a masterful expression of God’s power and purpose.

From darkness came light. From chaos came order. From his dynamic imagination came all the flora, fauna, and folks like you and me. From the unimaginable vastness of space to the quivers of a quark, his creation speaks to our hearts. 

The diverse beauty of the creation draws us to the divine Artist. Our souls respond naturally with wonder and worship. 

We also see purpose in his creation. He is the author of our whole world, including us, and therefore the ultimate authority on all things. So, whether I’m trying to understand astrophysics or why the sky is blue or why I do the things I do, he holds the answers.

I live in his universe, and if I’m wise, I will let the Creator reign in my life and recreate me.

Lord God Almighty, thank you for revealing yourself as the one Creator of all that exists or will exist. May I learn to rejoice more and more in you and in all you have done, are doing, and will do. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Take time to reflect on these questions:

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