Each day this month, we will consider key moments in God’s glorious plan to redeem us. We will understand both the overarching story of God and the highlights of all he’s done for us in Christ.

A rich land stretches between the Jordan River, the Mediterranean Sea, and the deserts of Egypt. God promised to give this area to Abraham and his descendants. After God rescued his people from slavery in Egypt, he led them to occupy it. 

Unfortunately, giants lived in the Promised Land, and they had great armies and fortified cities. A former generation had refused to go into the land forty years earlier and had wandered the desert for forty years under Moses’ leadership. But now, under Joshua’s leadership, a new generation camped on the edge of the Jordan River, ready to go in.  

Even though God had “already” given them the land, they had to fight for it. God fought for them. They just had to move forward in courage and faith, and God would empower them to drive out the enemy and gain another chunk of this strangely beautiful land — a place of divine blessing, fruitful and productive, a place that, best of all, would belong to them. They came home to a place they’d never been. 

According to Romans 15:4, the Old Testament stories teach us important truths about our experience with God. The Israelites’ slavery in Egypt represents our slavery to sin. The blood of the lamb corresponds to salvation by the blood of Jesus. The people passing through the Red Sea are a picture of baptism. 

“Now we who have believed enter that rest” (Hebrews 4:3).

God calls us, like the nation of Israel, to enter into all the blessings he has for us, both now and in eternity. Step by step, we lay hold of all his promises. One by one, we vanquish the enemies in our lives and we enter a restful, beautiful, fruitful place in our experience with the Lord.

Lord Jesus, thank you for inviting me to rest in you, to abide in you. Thank you that I no longer go through life alone. Every moment, you are with me: directing me, empowering me, encouraging me. Thank you for your constant presence.

Throughout This Day: Remind yourself often that God lives in you by his Spirit and enables you to obey him step by step. Whenever you feel unable to do what he wants, surrender yourself to him, inviting him to empower you to accomplish his will. Then, step out in faith and obey. 

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