Jeremy Taylor was a cleric of the Church of England, a denomination founded in the 16th century as the result of a dispute between King Henry VIII and the papacy. He is known for his writings, penned during the 17th century and still read today by some. He is said to be the author of the prayer below: 

O Lord, you have called me to open my hand,
that you might fill it:
but I would not open it;
I held the world fast,
and kept my hand shut,
and would not let it go.
But you alone can open it for me;
not my hand only, but my mouth;
not my mouth, but my heart also.
Grant that I may know nothing but you,
account all things a loss compared with you,
and endeavor to be transformed
to be like you.

Throughout This Day: Seek to walk in God's presence, inviting the Spirit to guide you in God's will step by step. Ask God to show you if you are withholding anything from him.


Jeremy Taylor

A Collection of Prayers

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